An evening at Krontjärn

June 26, 2008

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Krontjärn (crown lake)

May 26, 2008

Well it is a very pretty lake…But not sure about the fish.

Madelene and I decided to take a little fishing trip on thursday the 22nd of May. It was what i thought a great put and take water that is stocked with Trout, Char and Rainbow Trout. We arrive at the lake at 9:30am and everything looks to be great the sun is shining no wind and around 14-17 degrese celcius. I look for riseing fish without luck after 15 min i put on a hareears nymph size 14 while Madelene enjoys her coffe. After fishing for 1 hour and walking the north end of the lake we deside to look for deeper water. I find a spot with a rocky ledge it looks great on with the waders and start fishing. I fished for 20min and then i here what i thought was Madelene throwing a large rock into the lake “was that you my dear” no i think it was a fish she replies, so i think there has got to be someone else out here playing games, “Matt there is no one here” on with a dryfly. To make this long and non eventful story short no fish were caught and all expectations for this beutiful lake are gone. I spoke with a very wise man (Eirik) about the lake to see if he knew when the last time was that they released fish was and the reply was not what i expected, 20 years ago he says. Now i am not sure if paying 100 kronor for a fishing license was so smart.

If anyone knows about this lake feel free to leave a comment in English or Swedish.


Saturdays results

May 3, 2008

What a day for fishing. The weather was perfect partly sunny mostly cloudy barley any wind SWEET.
I said to myself on Friday evening that i was only going to use the flies that i had tied myself so i started the day with a phesant tail nymph. After 3 casts i feel a slite tug so i try to set the hook *wiggle wiggle* *spit* Damn lost that one but i know that my fly is good enough. After about 35 min of fishing and talking to my buddy i deside that it is time to go to the other end of the lake “my spot”. 15 min and 2 casts later hes on and he makes a beeline rite for me so i have no idea what size fish it is until he turns and makes his run for deeper water. By this time i had managed to get him on the reel. Then he jumps about 4 times in a row and i know that it is a nice fish. The fight goes on for about 5min but feels like an hour. With net inhand i land the fish with a deep sigh and a big big smile i unhook and get my freind to take a pic and a mesurment befor the release. Then it hits me that this is the first fish that i caught on a fly that i tied myself. Good Times Good Times.

Brown trout 38cm

Going fishing Saturday

May 2, 2008

Me and my buddy are going fishing at a put-and-take water in Östervallskog. Looked at the weather, it´s supposed to be nice. Hopefully the fish will be looking for dryfly. But if not nymphfishing will be the ticket. Was there on thursday and caught three, one was 36 cm, the others were 30 cm. Very nice fish, fun fish to catch. So wish me luck!


This is the 36 cm from thursday.

Fishing in Östervall

May 1, 2008


T-man got a fish!